Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fabulous Finds: The NY&Co. "City Diva" Tee

A few weeks ago, I sauntered into my local NY&Co. store looking for work shirts and slacks. I was browsing the petite section (short gals unite!) when something from across the store caught my eye. Something that glittered. Something that sparkled. Something that said “City Diva” in bold silver lettering. I made a mad dash across the store and reached an entire section made just for me! Ok, maybe it wasn’t made just for me, but when a clothing collection is called “City Diva”, one begins to wonder. With just one XS Glitter Diva Logo Tee remaining (it was fate, I tell you), I plucked it right up. The tee is slimming, comfortable, and the perfect fit for any Diva. 

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