Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New Wine Bar Wednesday: Bin 11 - Inside the Tami Scott Studio

A few weeks ago, on a rainy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends and I wandered into Bin 11 – the newest bar in Soulard.

Soulard is situated in the shadow of one of the largest breweries in the world and has been home to beer makers and beer drinkers since 1852 when Eberhard Anheuser, a German born candle maker, rescued the Bavarian Brewing Company from bankruptcy. A marriage, a business partnership, and countless Clydesdales later and the residents of Soulard have been drinking ever since. Soulard is home to a tap house with nearly 500 beers on the menu, a traditional Irish pub, and a Mexican cantina. But, one thing we’ve never had is a wine bar. That is, until Bin 11 was born.

From Tami Scott, the owner of the Tami Scott Studio and Rusty Oakes, former General Manager of SLeeK and Prime 1000, comes the wine bar known as Bin 11. Opened inside an operating Paul Mitchell Focus Salon and the Tami Scott Cosmetics studio, Bin 11 is the perfect place to get pampered, preened, or just plain plastered.*

With the owners of Bin 11, Rusty Oakes and Tami Scott

Tami and Rusty have created a wine bar that is open, inviting, and oozing with fun. No stuffy sommelier attitude here, Bin 11 is chock-full of class and sass. Sparkling chandeliers hang from the rehabbed tin ceiling, plush window seats overlook a bustling Soulard street, and original art is displayed on the walls.

"Get Gorgeous" at the Tami Scott Studio

Stop by Bin 11 for their “American Idol” viewing parties on Monday nights**, schedule a spray-tan party, or saddle up to their makeup bar.

Bin 11 is sassy, classy, and the perfect addition to the Soulard bar scene. Like them on Facebook and follow Rusty Oakes on twitter.

*Soulard is a French feminine noun meaning “boozer”, after all.
**Rusty is a little fan of Steven Tyler. If by little, I mean that he’s seen Aerosmith in concert thirty-six times! 


  1. I have a small wine bar in my studio similar to this one but a little smaller. I feel relaxed whenever I drink wine after a long day at work...

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  2. A glass of wine does the (stressed out and over-worked) body good! Sounds like a trip to South Australia is in order, mate! :)


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