Monday, June 25, 2012

Fabulous Find: Kate Middleton Replica Engagement Ring

With this summer’s spectacular Diamond Jubilee, the upcoming summer Olympic Games, increased exposure of the “new generation of Royals” (Wills, Kate, and Harry for the non-anglophiles among us), and a daily bump watch, it seems that people just can’t get enough of our friends across the pond. To that I say, “Brilliant!”

A ring fit for a Queen - or someone who'd like to be one.

Since announcing her engagement to her longtime beau Prince William (now the Duke of Cambridge) in 2010, the Duchess of Cambridge has accepted her role as a member of the world’s most famous royal family with ease, elegance, and a touch of class. Women the world over have copied her workout regime, clothes, and those famous nude shoes. But, what has women (and possibly a few men) blue with envy? That stunning sapphire and diamond wedding ring, of course.

First worn by the late Princess Diana, the twelve carat Ceylon sapphire is surrounded by fourteen solitaire diamonds and set in eighteen-carat white gold. Valued at $300,000, it's a ring fit for a future Queen!

I bet Duchess Catherine does't have to work this hard.

But, if you’re a Commoner like the rest of us and can’t spend a few grand right now, Target (or TargĂ© for the retail elite) has a replica on sale for $17.99. Or, if you have a few Quid to spare, head to for their $44.96 Diamonique ring.

While I wish I would have married the heir (ahem), there’s always the spare. Call me, Harry!


  1. Harry's the fun one, anyway! And there's none of that King pressure!

  2. So true! He definitely inherited some of that Spencer spunk!

  3. Kate Middleton Ring is awesome ancient, same as lady diana's ring


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