Friday, June 01, 2012

Fabulous Find: The Kidnapped Chicagoan

Have you seen the 33 year-old male pictured below? His name is Scott, he’s from Chicago and his interests include beer (presumably Goose Island), deep-dish pizza (presumably Gino's East), and of course “Da Bears.” Scott was last seen riding the 'L' and is feared kidnapped.

Or so Explore St. Louis wants you to think.

This unconventional marketing campaign, known as “The Kidnapped Chicagoan”, was first launched in 2010 to attract Chicagoans in their 20's and 30's to visit their southern neighbor, St. Louis. The team at the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission (CVC) and Hoffman/Lewis, the ad agency behind the campaign, knew that luring this hard to please demographic would require an innovative approach. If they couldn’t draw Chicagoans here by enticing them to visit the Arch, City Museum, and Busch Stadium, then they’d just have to “kidnap” one. 

Never fear though, while in captivity, the CVC allowed the “Kidnapped Chicagoan” to tweet, post photos on Instagram, and even upload videos to YouTube. Re-launched earlier this year with an interactive website, the Kidnapped Chicagoan even had time to “pin” his favorite St. Louis sites on his Pinterest boards (favorites include The Donut Drive-In and Rooster). The native Chicagoan and die hard Cubs fan even took in a Cards game!

Using social media apps like twitter and Pinterest and a guerilla marketing campaign that included blanketing the Chicago L trains with faux "Missing Persons" posters, the Kidnapped Chicagoan garnered a lot of attention, created buzz, and introduced St. Louis as more then just the home of Budweiser.  

To keep track of the Kidnapped Chicagoan, follow his tweets and pins, view his videos, and visit is website.   

{Photos courtesy of the KidnappedChicagoan}

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