Monday, June 04, 2012

Weekend Recap: Wedding Shower Edition

The Year of The Wedding has officially begun with two weekends of wedding showers in the books and Signature Drinktaste-testing and Bachelorette Party planning in the works.

These two Brides-to-Be are two of the sassiest and classiest galsI know.

Stessie, Jessica, and I after drinks at Bridge
{August 2010}

Stessie hails from small town Missouri and after finishing undergrad at Drake University in Iowa, she moved to the big city of St. Louis for law school at SLU. We met, quite serendipitously, when she locked herself out of my neighbor’s house while dog-sitting. She knocked on my door hoping I would have an extra key. I didn’t and while we waited for my landlord to bring us one, a five minute wait turned into a three hour conversation, a four year friendship, and a lifetime of memories.

Jessica, a petite and feisty Ole Miss grad, is my go to gal when it comes to etiquette, fashion, and all things proper. She rocks a mean pair of heels and the perfect set of pearls. But don’t let this Southern belle fool you, she’ll stand up for what she believes in and she’ll root for her beloved St. Louis Cardinals, even from five states away. Jessica and I met seven years ago when we both worked at Express and in between folding jeans and hanging shirts, a friendship was born.

Stessie’s Shower
Location: Olivette, MO

Jessica’s Shower
Location: Montelle Winery, Augusta, MO


  1. You are too cute and one of the classiest women I have ever met. So glad I got locked out in 2007! xoxo

    1. You and me both, sista! Can't wait to celebrate YOU this weekend!


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