Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Restaurant Wednesday: Hamburger Mary's

Sometimes you run across a place that’s so wild, so wacky, and so tacky that you just have to try it. The newest restaurant to hit St. Louis is Hamburger Mary's, a place known for its bold décor, big burgers (hello, one pound “Proud Mary”), and open-minded atmosphere. 

Originally opened in 1972 in the SoMa district of San Francisco as a burger and beer joint, Hamburger Mary’s currently has twelve locations across the US including one of its newest locations in the heart of Midtown Alley.

Stessie and I headed to Hamburger Mary’s on a steamy St. Louis Friday night, ready for a good dinner and cold drinks. What we weren’t ready for was the flamboyant, fun, and family friendly (believe it or not!) atmosphere.

Stessie and I with our Fuzzy Tea Bags
There aren’t many places where you can get dinner, drinks, and a drag show, but Hamburger Mary’s has all three. I opted for the St. Louis Blues Burger (naturally) with a side of the Tasty Ta-Ta’s (tater tots for the uninitiated) and both were fabulous. Think this is just a run of the mill greasy spoon? Think again. Hamburger Mary’s offers a variety of meats to choose from including Natural Angus Beef (from humanely treated cattle), Kobe/Waygu Beef (my favorite), homemade Blackbean, and Ahi tuna. As Mary would say, that’s “Hot and juicy, honey!” You have to wash all of that meat and tasty ta-ta’s down with something, so Stessie and I opted for the Fuzzy Tea Bag - a delicious blend of Carolina Sweet Tea vodka, peach schnapps, and pink lemonade.

Since its humble beginnings in San Francisco, Hamburger Mary’s has been a proud supporter of the LGBT community and continues to welcome patrons of all backgrounds – kids, families, and drag queens alike.

 Just another night out with Stessie and of course I was pulled up on stage for TV trivia.
Of course I was.

Mary's "Drag Queen Diva's" put on a show in true Facts of Life style.

Come one, come all, just be ready to “Eat, Drink, and be…Mary!”


  1. This place looks awesome! I think Donna would love it! I may be too scared to go though, drag queens love them some Joe to oggle!

  2. Yes, you and Donna would both love it. And the Drag Queen Diva's would definitely love them Joe!


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