Friday, July 13, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

Today I’m headed west to that shimmering city in the sand – Las Vegas!

I’ve always been a bit indifferent to the desert town known as Sin City. I’m not a gambler, I’m not much into all-you-can-eat buffets, and photos of the “strip” make it seem so…gaudy. But what does appeal to me is old Las Vegas. The Las Vegas of the Rat Pack era where Sinatra, Sammy, and “Deano” performed in The Copa Room at the Sands Hotel. The Las Vegas when men dressed in dinner jackets and women wore dresses showing a bit more d├ęcolletage while stepping out at “The Riv”. The Las Vegas of the glamorous showgirls with sequined costumes.

While Sinatra and Sammy no longer perform and The Riviera has entered a new stage in Vegas history, what I’m most looking forward to is spending quality time with Lori. Lori and I met eight years ago in a quaint Austrian town called Salzburg and have been “Salzburg Sisters” ever since. As she pointed out to me last night, we’ve know each for eight years, we’ve visited eight countries together, and when we touch-down tonight in Vegas, we’ll be visiting our eighth state together. Forget the lucky horseshoe, I think we just found our lucky number.

If you have any tips or recommendations for our Vegas Vacation, let us know!

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