Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Friday: Goin' to the Chapel

This Saturday, my family will gather to celebrate at my cousin Ben’s wedding reception. Ben and his bride were married a few weeks ago on the beaches of Gulf Shores, so this weekend will be one big celebration full of food, fun, and more than a few polkas.

Ben is my oldest second cousin and the first of my grandparents’ great grandchildren to get married (another great grandchild is getting married in September and another in May 2013!) I vividly remember when Ben was born because I was sure he was going to steal my spotlight (I was not about to let that happen!) and I nervously asked my grandmother if she was still going to love me after he was born. She reassured me that she would, of course, and Ben grew from that tiny baby boy to a star soccer player to a grown-up CPA.

Ben and I, 1987
{Missouri Botanical Garden}

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  1. aww look at little you, quite sassy if I do say so myself ;) have fun this weekend!


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