Monday, January 14, 2013

Fabulous Find: The AMC Fork & Screen Theatre

A night out at the movies ain’t what it used to be, divas. Forget about sticky floors, crying babies, and rude attendants. AMC Theatres has created a whole new movie-going experience. Reclining seats, cocktails, and cheery employees await you at your local AMC Fork & Screen Theatre.

A night at the movies - Fork & Screen style.
To celebrate my birthday, Laura, Sylvia, and I headed to the AMC West Olive 16 to view the Academy Award nominated Les MisérablesOne of only ten Fork & Screen theatres in the country, we ordered dinner and drinks all from the comfort of our reclining seats. Need a bag of popcorn? How about some Milk Duds for the movie? A cosmopolitan to get you through “Castle on A Cloud”? No waiting in line and missing a pivotal scene, your friendly seat attendant will pop over to the concession stand for you.

Laura needs cocktail to get her through "Castle on A Cloud."

The menu selections were surprisingly delicious.

In an age where customer service seems to have gone the way of the newsreel, the AMC Fork & Screen Theatre proves that you can have your meal inside an upscale movie theatre and eat it too.

In the St. Louis area? Follow the AMC West Olive 16 on Facebook.


  1. Fun! This is sort of like the movie theater coming to the MX downtown right? - @daniellesmyname

  2. Yes, I think so! They're not calling themselves a "Fork & Screen" but they will be offering appetizers and drinks and a local menu from chef Josh Galliano (formerly of Monarch).


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