Monday, November 16, 2015

All I want for Christmas...

Since we've been together, Kyle and I have made a tradition of only spending $50 on each other for Christmas. As a newly married couple, we have savings and retirement goals we want to meet (sexy, baby) and regularly make big ticket purchases together throughout the year. When Christmas rolls around, we don't feel the need to spend lavishly and setting a budget for ourselves forces us to be creative when it comes time for gift giving.

Buuuuut, I don't remember Santa having a budget, so if he's reading, here are my top 5  gifts that ye old St. Nick can leave in my stocking:

Since taking photos with an actual camera is so old school and I exclusively snap pics with my iPhone, I find myself rarely printing any photos. I'm dating myself here, divas, but back in the day I was visiting Walgreens on the regular to print sleeves and sleeves of photos. Sadly, although I literally have thousands of photos saved on my phone, I never print them. This little gadget would make printing pics easy and efficient. 

I die over how cute this bike is. I'm not the most active gal in the world, but I bet I would be if I had this cute cruiser. Can't you just see me zooming down the streets of Sin City on this little number?

These stylish little totes would help keep me organized and keep my jewels and shoes in good condition when I travel. 

4. Kate Spade holiday ensemble and earrings 

I love all things Kate Spade, but this holiday ensemble and earrings are perfect for the holidays or a night out at the Smith Center

5. An original Banksy

Ok, so I know this one is a long shot, but Santa doesn't have a budget, remember? 

What's on your wish list? 

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