Friday, November 13, 2015

Fabulous Finds: Master of None

Are you watching Master of NoneCo-created, written, produced and starring the one and only Aziz Ansari, it's the latest buzzed about original programming from Netflix. Kyle and I started watching it over the weekend and finished the series in a few days. We loved much about the show and the purposeful integration of a multi-ethnic cast, but I wouldn't agree with the New York Times review calling the series, "The year's best comedy." 

Don't get me wrong. The show is funny and, at times, poignant, but it didn't hold our attention and make us binge watch like House of Cards or seasons one and two of Orange is the New Black. Although, I think we can all agree that Aziz's parents need their own show. Or, at the very least, their own YouTube channel. They were, easily, the breakout stars of this series. Every Millennial can relate to Dev (Aziz Ansari) when he tells his dad, "I'm not your personal computer guy!" Ding, ding! 


Watch Master of None and tell me what me you think! 

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